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'''To access eLearning 101:'''  
'''To access eLearning 101:'''  
#Log into [  eLearning] using your accessBCC username and password  
#Log into [  eLearning] using your accessBCC username and password  
#In the Enroll by Pin nugget enter eLearning101 in the Section ID box and click Enroll
#Click on the eResources tab at the top of the page
#When prompted for a PIN, enter eLearning101 again and click Enroll.
#Follow the link for eLearning 101
#You’ll now see eLearning 101 appear in the Community Groups area.
That's it!
<b><i>Don't have an accessBCC account?</i></b> You can still access our eLearning 101 course space by logging in with a guest account.
Log in using the following username and password:
Username: bcc
Password: student

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We are not equipped to monitor social media sites so if you have a problem or concern please make sure you connect with us through one of these “old fashioned ways:”

  1. Email us! We continually monitor this account by both CITE lab and ITS staff members.
  2. You can always call us at 508-678-2811 x2081.
  3. You can also call the ITS help desk at x2134 for evening and weekend support.
  4. You can always come by physically too! We are located in A208 on the Fall River campus and have recently expanded to room 316 of the New Bedford campus.

   The email address is checked after hours and on the weekends by both eLearning and ITS help desk staff
    so that is the best way to get a rapid response!!!   

Help with your accessBCC and/or eLearning username/password

Try reseting your password from the “Forgot username/password” link from the accessBCC log-in page. Once you do this your password will get passed from accessBCC to eLearning and you’ll be able to log-in. If you are still having difficulty once you do this please contact the ITS help desk at 508-678-2811 x2134.Be sure to have your student ID (your 900 number) available.

The ITS Help Desk is open:

Monday - Thursday: 8am - 10pm
Friday: 8am - 7pm
Saturday: 8am - 4pm
Sunday: 8am - 4pm

eLearning 101

If you are new to distance learning or have questions about how to use the eLearning system we highly recommend that you spend some time in our sample eLearning 101 course. You’ll learn how to navigate through the eLearning system, download course files, post to the discussion board and gain answers to frequently asked questions.

To access eLearning 101:

  1. Log into eLearning using your accessBCC username and password
  2. Click on the eResources tab at the top of the page
  3. Follow the link for eLearning 101

That's it!