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Important information for eLearning students

  • eLearning Students - visit the eLearning page for important information about taking online classes at BCC.
  • You can also check out our eLearning 101 tutorial. This is a sample course site where you can learn how to download course files, post to the discussion board and gain answers to frequently asked questions.
  • If you need assistance plan to attend an eLearning orientation session.
  • Feel free to contact us with specific questions and problems..

About this Site

This site has been designed to serve as a technical reference for all members of the BCC community.

  1. Learn how to use accessBCC and eLearning
  2. Get answers to frequently asked technical questions
  3. Access additional help for specific questions and problems

Being a wiki this site will frequently change to reflect changes in technology, bugs and new findings. Please check back regularly for updates.