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Problems Logging On

I forgot my username or password.

On the accessBCC log-in page, right below the log-in button are two links that will help you obtain your user information. If after trying these links you are still having problems please contact the help desk by calling (508) 678-2811 x3333.

I'm getting a "Failed Login" message

If you see a message that says "username and password pair not found" it means that you are likely typing something incorrectly. Make sure your CAPSLOCK is not enabled. If you cannot remember your password follow the links to obtain your user information.

I'm getting a message that my account has been disabled.

If you incorrectly enter in your username and password more than three times the system will temporarily disable your account. It will unlock itself automatically after 10 minutes. If it does not please contact the help desk by calling (508) 678-2811 x3333.

I’m getting messages about Java.

Java is a plug-in which allows certain applications to run on your system and is required by the eLearningBCC system. Learn more about Java and how to install or upgrade your system.

Computer and Browser Compatibility

Using Firefox

We highly recommend the use of Firefox as a web browser on both the Mac and PC platforms.

Internet Explorer will block file downloads and may not display content properly. If you are having any problems accessing content from accessBCC or eLearningBCC please download and install Firefox. Be sure to also check to make sure that your system is allowing pop-ups (see below).

Allowing pop-ups

In order to access and use both accessBCC and eLearningBCC you will need to disable pop-up window blockers.

Pop-ups are new browser windows that open when you click on a link. They are often used on commercial web sites for advertising, surveys or preference settings and most browsers and virus protection programs are configured to automatically block them. accessBCC and eLearningBCC use pop-up windows to give you access to common site tasks. If you click on a link and nothing happens it is likely that pop-ups are being blocked. Common symptoms of pop-up blocking include not being able to read or post to the discussion board or send mail in eLearningBCC.


accessBCC and eLearningBCC are accessible to users of both the Mac and PC platforms. However, Mac users will need to use the Firefox web browser. Safari is NOT compatible and will not display your courses!


Information for Vista users will be added soon. Please check back!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I logged on to accessBCC but I cannot access my courses

Courses will become available to students on the first day of classes. If you log on before the term start date and click on a class link on the eLearningBCC page you will get a message that the course is not available. Once the term begins you will be able to access your classes.

If it's after the start of the term but nothing happens when you click to access a course it is likely you have a pop-up window blocker application enabled on your computer. You will need to disable the pop-up window blocker in order for eLearningBCC to function properly.

One of my courses disappeared

If a course was displaying in your course list but then "disappeared" one of three things may have happened:

  1. It’s possible that you have been withdrawn from the class for non-payment. This process usually happens right around the beginning of the semester. If you think this may be why your courses aren't showing up contact the Student Accounts Office.
  2. Once classes get underway you can be dropped from a course by your instructor if you do not regularly attend class. (And yes, distance learning classes have attendance policies too!) If you have not been active in the course site it is possible that you have been withdrawn from the course. You should contact your instructor if you think this is what happened and have questions or concerns about the process.
  3. It is possible that a technical glitch has occurred. If your accounts are up-to-date and you have been attending class please contact the distance learning help desk.

I'm getting a message about running or trusting a Java application

eLearningBCC does require that you have Java installed. The first time you access a course site you may be prompted to "run" an application. Say "yes" or "ok" if prompted. We also highly recommend that you check the box that says "always trust" so that you don't get prompted again the next time you log on.

Need Help?

Visit our help page to learn how to contact us for additional assistance.