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Accessing Course Files

In your eLearningBCC courses you may need to download or view the course syllabus, lecture notes or other class files. The Firefox web browser handles files well, but Internet Explorer has proven to be challenging to students because it will prevent files from being downloaded.

If you are using Internet Explorer and click on a file you'll get a blank screen and it will appear that nothing happened. In reality, IE is blocking the file from being downloaded and is waiting for you to tell it that it's ok to download the file.

Learn how download and work with files in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Printing Documents from eLearningBCC

Before you begin printing from eLearningBCC it's important that you understand how to print various types of documents.

Viewing and Printing PowerPoint Files

Many instructors upload PowerPoint files for students to access and view. Viewing a PowerPoint file is pretty straightforward but printing can become problematic because many students will print the full slide view which uses up lots of paper and can completely deplete your ink supply. What you want to do is to print out handouts which will put multiple slides on a page. You'll still be able to read the content but this way you'll save paper,ink and $$$!

How to Post to the Discussion Board

Most online classes require student interaction through the discussion board. Although you are likely familiar with how to post to a blog or online message board, there are certain features of the eLearningBCC discussion board that are important to understand before you begin using it.

In addition, it's a good idea to review the netiquette guidelines prior to posting.

How to Send Mail with Attachments

eLearningBCC mail is a bit different from traditional email. Any mail that you send within your eLearningBCC course space remains in the course. It does not get forwarded to an outside email address. This means that course emails within eLearningBCC will not appear in your accessBCC email account. You'll need to actually go into your course space to read messages from your instructor. So, if you're taking multiple courses you'll have to check each space individually (which is good anyway since you're supposed to regularly check your course site!)

Word Processing Tips and Tricks

Working with Microsoft Office 2007

Unfortunately the files that Office 2007 creates are not easily opened and edited with previous versions of Office. It is recommended that if you are using Office 2007 that you save your files in a format that is backwards compatible with earlier versions of office.

If you are using an earlier version of Office or are using Open Office you can install Office 2007 converters which will allow you to open, edit and save Office 2007 files.

Save Documents as Rich Text Format (RTF) Files

If you do not have Microsoft Word but instead have Microsoft Works or Word Perfect you will need to save your files as rich text format (.RTF) documents.

This is because that even though Microsoft Works, Microsoft Word and Word Perfect all create documents they have difficulty reading each other’s files. Saving your documents in RTF form will allow you (and your instructor) to easily access your work – regardless of what program it was created in!